Gyaru slang!

Okie Dokie let's talk about slang since Gyaru originated in Japan of course all of the slang words are in Japanese! It would be like mega weird if you were just like “Haha omg you're so うけぴい” so I decided to list a buncha words that are easy to incorporate into your vocab! It might feel a little awkward at first and people might poke at you but, remember Gals need confidence being amazingly beautiful and fashionable isn't the only job we have. We also have to exude confidence not only for ourselves but, for everyone else too! So here’s the list:

Brand = Brand name Gyaru items

“I want some adorbs brand for my birthday!”

bummed = Sad ‘n’ stuff

“She’s bummed cause she’s got no cash to pay for her D.i.a belt!”

Boom = The current favorite substyle of a Gal 

“Right now my boom is Agejo so I wanna buy some new clothes!”

*Note - Booms are sometimes hard for baby gals to understand since Gyaru is a fluid culture when first getting into Gyaru wanting to rush and buy tons of stuff for the first subculture you fall in love with is normal but, I can guarantee that you need to be patient and really think about what you want to buy so you don't regret what you've bought and so that you can reuse clothes that you've bought. Start off with some staple pieces and go on from there with your wardrobe! Remember you're allowed to change your mind and go with the wind!!!

❥ Carried = Like totally carried away

“Omg he tried to hit on me again he’s like so totally carried” 

❥ Co*de = Coordinate/Outfit 

“Look at her co*de so cute!”

Crushed on = Someone having a crush on you

“You're totally getting crushed on by that cute gal!”

❥ Gl = Good looking

“Ah! Just look at him, he's so Gl!!!!!!!!”

Gets = Items you've bought or items from a haul

“Look at all of my gets, aren't they cute?”

Hawajew = Hibiscus and tropical jewelry 

“I need new hawajew for my summer coords!”

Inspo = Inspiration for everything gal!

I need some nail inspo. I'm all out of ideas!’

❥ Income = Incomparably 

“He is soooo income cute!!!!”

Kara mara = Karaoke marathon

“School’s finally out, let's go Kara mara!”

Love chat = A chat about love

“Oooh, I hear that a few people in our class like you, let's have a love chat!”

 Mat gal = A mature gal or mature gal look

“I have to go to dinner with my boyfriend's fam so obvi I've gotta dress mat-gal

“Ooooh such a mat-gal she looks so formal!”

Nighter = All-nighter

“Uuuugh I'm gonna have to pull a nighter to get all this homework done!!!”

❥  Rate = decorate

“Let's rate your notebooks with some adorbs stickers!”

Self-cent = Self centered 

She bought the skirt I told her that I wanted she’s so self-cent

Sun-salo = A tan/tan at a tanning salon

“I don't have like aaaany cash I can't go sun-salo!”

The eye = The evil eye

“Ew, she’s totally giving me the eye because I bought the skirt she wanted!”

❥ Totes = Totally  

“I can’t find my favorite hair clip, this is totes tragic!”

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy the gal speak!

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wow, thank you girly! ^^

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