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owo whats dis????

oKAY the title is only bc i haven't blogged in like ages

so basically rn im alone in this classroom at college bc im an hour early bc i was scared of being the second person in or even whatever idk

I have literally no friends here but i kinda like the solitude of not having to meet new people lmao.

i mean there are people i know in other classes but not by choice. But this is my only class for today so who literally cares

I'M SO BORED... like i could be working on some math thats due sunday but it's literally so hard and i'd rather stick pins in my eyes.

speaking on torturing myself: im reading homestuck to pass time... im on page (????) 1603 and reading some pesterlog 

also i really need to start buying fall clothes. I look like a normie every other day and it kills me. Like im buying cool clothes but i literally dont read the full description and when the picture looks like a loose t-shirt it's actually a polyester crop top but thats my own fault. These clothes actually haven't showed up yet but im sure its gonna happen. 

school kinda sux tbh but hey at least i'm getting out of the house!!11!!!1!

now i just have to not be afraid of everything lolz

okay thats it

TLDR: im a loser and im reading homesuck (yeah i said homesuck) and i keep buying the wrong clothes.

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okay well i made friends with the local queer club at the school so

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