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my money spending habits, a reflection

As someone who never has money, i always appreciate when i get it. money to me is an awesome thing and it allows me to buy whatever useless crap i want. but there is one thing im bad at.... SAVING IT! tell me, have you ever received 100 dollars for ur birthday? or any money at that??? what do you usually do with it? its these two things: you either keep the money and save it or you spend it. if you happen to keep your money, this blog is not for you.. SINCE I SUCK AT KEEPING MONEY AND TODAY IM GONNA TALK ABOUT HOW THATS A PROBLEM!!!!!

my money spending habits have been around for as long as ive been receiving it. when i get it i usually hold it close to me, weather in my pocket or in a secret place no one can find it for as long as i can/want to, then i beg my parents to take me somewhere to spend it, to which i then take the money back out and buy useless crap i don't need. now this wasn't a problem since i mostly did that method of money spending when i was young, but as a teenager it gets a little more frustrating. as a teenager, whenever i receive money, i hold onto it FOR A LITTLE BIT, then i realized that i can walk to places to spend my money instead of having to be driven there. that means the second i earn any money i immediately spend it on candy, some sort of merchandise, gift cards for in game currency, art supplies (usually the stuff i dont need but want),  printing out stuff at the library (for my wall ;DD) and whatever else i want to buy. its a problem, especially since i have friends who want to go places, eat out, do stuff WITH ME and im having to awkwardly tell them i dont have money because i spent it all, while they kindly insist they are willing to pay for me to which i then either declining or i accept their offer and just feel bad the entire time for wasting their money on me. 

now, i will admit i am getting better at not spending money :D YAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! but i still get urges. like currently, i have 50 dollars saved up in my pringles can i use for storing money. with all that money, my mind will tells itself "imagine all the cool stuff u can get with all this money. imagine how dope your room will be, imagine what u can purchase" and i almost gave in yesterday... until i forgot about it because i fell asleep. if anyone has any suggestions lmk, but besides that im done with the blog, i just wanted to make something that was about a personal experience ive been having that isnt too serious for u guys :)))!

thanks for reading! goodbye!

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