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first blog post on spacehey

promised on my website that i was going to blog more on spacehey because it's a lot easier and i actually have comments.

well guess what, i stuck to that promise.

if you have ever seen the blog on my website [which none of you have] you'll know that my main topic is just gaming. i'll still do gaming topics, although there'll be a lot more life updates too.

and here's a life update.

i'm back to school, and honestly it's not the best. the people there can get kind of weird xD but overall it's a fine experience. i've made a few friends, and thank god for that because i was thinking that i wouldn't.  it really is a warzone though, with the crowded as frick hallways and having to walk up 2 flights of stairs while people ask you questions that you don't want to answer. at least that's my experience.

something i've learnt about the school is that the memes about school food aren't false. is this a universal thing in like every school? because the food there is garbage. the only ones i like are pancakes, because they have those, but everyone seems to have the same opinion as me on that because by the time i get to the canteen all the pancakes are gone. 

so yeah, large hellscape that sometimes isn't a hellscape. that's one way to describe school.

(if my teachers are reading this please don't kill me)

anyway, thanks for reading. i feel like tomorrow's not going to be great honestly but hey it's fine. i have a monday off next week as well, so i can do more warcraft.

i already did a sign off why am i still continuing



ok now actually goodbye


seriously goodbye

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