Style sweets (With pics) #1

Style sweets issue (With pics) #1

Hi hi everyone! This is the first of my new blog Style sweets i'm Himekaji and Roman Gyaru and I've been one for a year or two now! Saturday September 30th will be the first day of fall and I’m uber excited, Poofy skirts, Sweaters, and boots are a sweet Gyaru staple! It’s important to dress both cute and comfy so here's some  styling tips, picture inspo, and advice! This is just the first of many blogs and I’m not always gonna stick to this format of topic and examples but for my first Blog issue I wanna keep it simple! So let's get started! 

(A pic of my fall wardrobe!)

So first off let's talk about what to wear! Planning elaborate outfits is so much easier in breezy and cold-ish weather you can layer and add a ton more accessories to boost your look here's a list of items you’ll want to start buy/collecting

❥ Liz Lisa blouses! What more can I say a liz Lisa blouse is the ultimate main piece for a breezy fall day! Liz Lisa is a very nice quality brand with an emphasis on layering together for a princessy look! Because of the thick material blouses make perfect warm clothing for a windy and nippy season! 

❥ Liz Lisa skirt! I know I know more of the same… But, Liz Lisa skirts are also uber important to a proper sweet gal wardrobe ecosystem! The thick and layered material brings an extra comfort as well as a balance to a simple sweater! 

❥ Long over the knee skirts! Breezy, and you can dress them up and down a ton! You can also wear long skirts as tops and dresses! 

(Pic of my skirt top :3)

❥ Baby doll jeans! Or as some people call them bell bottoms! They give the perfect layered baby doll effect especially in a light washed color! You can get away with light washed denim in cold seasons.  

❥ Sweaters! I know I know it's very typical but it’s about how you put the look together! Find some floral and pattern sweaters to pair with simple thighs and simple skirts then find some simple sweaters for the opposite look! 

❥ Layering items! Think cream, brown, white, and pink turtle necks and warm long socks!

Make sure to invest into nice stockings you wanna be cute and avoid getting


❥ Booties and Mary Janes! Simple enough they’re durable and comfy! Suede boots or shoes can be a little annoying if it rains as they can’t be cleaned so only wear them on dry days! 

❥ Accessories

  • Beanies 

  • Knit scarves 

  • Chunky scarves 

  • Leg & Arm warmers 

  • Shrugs

  • Ponchos

Color palate is also very important to a sweet gal look! I personally don't believe in dressing for your skin tone and I think whatever colors you enjoy you should wear! Here are some color pallet recommendations for sweet gal fall shopping! 

Well that’s all for today! Thank you soooooooo much for giving me a read! Give me suggestions for more Style sweets issues! Stay sweet!

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looking at different aesthetics is so pleasing for the human eye. I hope you post more stuff like this on your blog in the future!

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Tysm!!!! That's so sweet! I agree there's something about seeing new and fresh things that makes me happy!!!

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AAAAAA I love this so much!! ><

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