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Been a while tbh (cw: drugs/family issues/toxic/vent-y)

Here's the mandatory "i'm back" post for Spacehey lol but- Hello again! Life's been kinda weird lately in where my boyfriend's mood has been getting better after a month of turmoil and work's slowly getting easier and easier after so many months of annoyances and pain. But! I managed to get a lot of good food/sights and stuff! Checking stuff out while i'm certain cities is just.. Augh. I love discovering different food places people rave about.

Anyways, I never updated my last blog about NYC [Vent]:

NYC went mostly well except for my dad. He was starting trouble with my mom after they split and got drunk and all toxic so I actually ended up taking an entire 300mg of edibles and.. lol

I ended up tripping out and fucked up for like two or three days straight while dragging myself through the new york airport back to my home although I just.. lol! I got to make my dad cry after all that toxic shit he said. Saying that he was gonna find where my mom lived in her new location, all the years of abuse, etc. I'm glad I got to make that disgusting fucker cry even by a little bit. 

But other than that, I got to see family members I hadn't seen in years which was nice, but my real highlight was seeing my homies from college I hadn't seen in forever. They're still so rad and I'm so happy I got to see them again. It was like a One Piece timeskip <333 

Ever since the trip, I've found work at a cool little liquor store with cool coworkers! Things've been pretty alright with VR and FFXIV keeping me afloat. I've also been shitting around on twitter/x making my mutuals cringe anytime I post LOL

Other than that, I don't have much else to share other than the whole "i'll try to stay active on spacehey again" schlock. I gotta see what the hell is wrong with the background image code because what the fuck LOL I gotta find something to fix this stupid fuckin thing OTL 

I also hope there's more mods on the site because jfc I just saw someone with a profile dedicated to pr0n 

edit: RIP Bozo

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