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My Band's First Single!

Hey guys! I haven't visited this site as frequently as I once did, but either way, my band and I have recently released our debut single. We're inspired by bands like Sonic Youth, Computerwife, and Galaxie 500. I'd appreciate it if you could give us a listen when you have the time. Thanks (:


Fluorine - Single Version

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ill listen to it wen i get home :D thats so cool ur in a band- me n my friends r trying to start one lol

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That's so cool! What type of music would you guys wanna make?? Oh, and also, what would you like to play??

by damien; ; Report

We wanna do lots of rock and punk music, and i play bass!

by Awful_Alex; ; Report

Loveee punk, and the bass is such a badass instrument to play! You guys already got yourselves a fan lol

by damien; ; Report