Soup is good sighhh

I joined 4 months ago and I need ALL of you to know how much I adore soup. Soup is amazing. Soup is a liquidity art of a food that only demons find disgusting. The worst types of soup are the ones with noodles in them but even then there's still a pretty decent chance that it'll still be absolutely mouth-watering. To anyone who hates soup, are you happy with yourself? Are you happy with yourself knowing that you hate the most gorgeous food in the history of mankind? You should ALWAYS enjoy eating soup, no matter what kind, even if you're brainwashed to hate it. Soup quite literally makes me say "scrumdiddlyumptious!!" unironically. Get a life, soup haters. Growing up is realising that soup is the equivalent to gods cooking. Let's live in a world of soup and harmony, once and for all.

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