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In the gentle embrace of memory's sway,
Nostalgia whispers at the close of day.
It weaves a tapestry of days long past,
A bittersweet spell, a love that will last.
Like sun-kissed dreams from yesteryear.
The laughter, the tears, the places we've been,
Nostalgia's a storyteller, a faithful friend.
Evoke the sweet ache of times, long in truth.
We journey back in time, on a sigh's gentle breeze,
In the arms of nostalgia, we find sweet release.
Nostalgia's a treasure, a love that's never gone.
It paints our hearts with a golden hue,
A timeless connection, forever true.
In sepia tones, old moments reappear,
The scent of old books, the songs of our youth,
Though days may have faded, and years have rolled on,

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