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im so sleepy

its currently 11.12pm and im sooooo sleepy, even though its still kind of early in the night .. so i decieded to drink coffee !! nd that made me realise how weird coffee is . like its standpoint in society .. its basically just a socially acceptable stimulant drug ... hmmm i wonder why . imagine if people started their day with c0c4in3 instead of coffee and it was viewed as normal . " hold on i need to go snort my line really quick " " ugh dont speak to me until if done my lines " . they would me making t shirts saying " dont try to chatter me up until ive powdered it up " .. honestly that wuld be sick as fuck .

anyway .. sleep tight !! >.<

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Mig and Szwarty

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You know, I kind of agree with you besides for a few things but mostly yeah.

But ever since ive started college, If someone told me they were making a movement to make caffeine illegal, I would throw dirt at their face

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i think they should LEGALISE c0c4in3 tbh :3

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