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cool shit ive done recently

ohhhh!!! YA!!! its been ages since the (second) last update so TWO whole blog posts today. wooow.

I wanted to talk about the art showcase i was in for my school and also my friends' play that i went to i think a weeeeekkk after??

so the art showcase was a success!! actually surprisingly enjoyable. i love looking at other ppls cool shit and i kinda was kindaaa proud to be a part of it as well tehe. even though i hate everything i make. ESPECIALLY for school. i also got a 90 on my last art assignment even tho it was pretty shit imo but i take the win anyway. i rly liked seeing my friends' art especially, they're all so cool and all the stuff they make is so cool. dressing up fancy was kinda fun tbh even tho it was slightly hellish to the senses

ANYWAY. THE PLAY. it was so sick and i loved it so much and im so glad i went. im so sooo proud of both my friends who were in it and it was actually pretty funny (which i honestly wasnt rly expecting from a shakespeare play just bc of how old it is - but hey i dont know shit about plays, especially shakespeare, other than what theyve made us do in english before). the play was midsummer night's dream btw. my two friends played nick bottom and peter quince bc theyre stupid little theatre gays (mayyyybe consequently, these are my two favourite characters in the play - as well as puck who was actually played by a very nice acquaintance of mine which was cool too - OH thisbe was also great too)

so anyway!! yeaaaa!! very cool. ily bye bye

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