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Guys i need help with my 3ds

My nintendo 3ds broke a half so theres the thing (i have it since 2016 and this year happen to broke) i kinda suck at explaining but i hope the image helps

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im assuming 3ds's have similar hinges to the og,lite,and 2dsxl [ive seen and had all of these but i dont think ive seen 3ds irl so im not fully sure on how it is n all]

but the hinges could be loose which might cause it to shut down when at certain angles because maybe its disrupting the link between the screens [ i believe theres wires, if not wires there's obviously something to make the screen link]
ik this isnt spr helpful n im not a professional ds person but i did have an og red nintendo ds back in like 2010 or smt and i remember i had a similar issue to this when the hinges either snapped or became loose then snapped outta place-

i kinda cant help on what exactly to do because my ds was never fixed and eventually just stopped working all together but maybe try bringing it to your local game shop [like if theres a local version of gamestop or locally owned game shop?- also maybe an actual game stop? i dont think they actually fix them anymore or if they ever did in the first place-] and see if they can do anything for it and see if you can get a price estement on it? you could also look into local electronics repair shops because they also might be able to do something.

and aside from just looking into places to bring it to fix it maybe try doing some research on what might be causing the issue with the exact ds/model you have? because there is possibly a way you could fix it yourself but itd probs require having to take apart the ds and possibly buy parts-also id like to add that ds's look complicated asf to fix- ive looked into replacing the screen on my sisters old ds lite [since its the one i have cuz my ds lite just disappeared off the face of the earth-] cuz the screen has super deep scratches but even just a sreen replacement seems kinda hard and like its risking ur whole ds breaking even more n all [ive also looked into modding and switching it to a whole new shell- that seems like itd be hell to do-]

anwayz ik this probs isnt rly helpful but hopefully it helped a bit and i hope you get ur ds fixed!! also just incase you use ur ds alot i suggest maybe looking on ebay or online for a new/refubished one just in case yours cant be fixed

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maybe u will try to find somebody to repair it?

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Maybe but it will be kinda hard to find tho

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