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my new son, Octavius Ranfield Ivory

a close up of himThe Beautiful Journey between Me and My Son, Octavius Ranfield Ivory

Long ago (few hours ago) I was gracefully taking a whizz in the washroom when I glanced down to have discover something horrifying... a BUG!!! a creepy crawly critter!!!!!! I jumped and pee splashed every where. After 20 minutes of cleaning up my terrible accident, I decided to investigate this... bug, what I didn't know was that this critter was going to change my life. At first he laid on the cold bathroom ground, under the sink where there is darkness, I sat there for a moment and just observed him before grabbing an empty hand sanitizer bottle and poking him with it. He didn't react at first, so I continued to mess with him until I got bored, then I picked up him (with a paper towel, of course) to get a better look at him,,,, he was timid yet he still crawled towards me in hopes of seeking shelter or help, in hopes of finding a place to call home, and I gave him just that. I took him back to my room, I placed him on my desk before researching more about what type of bug he was, I learnt that he was a Mealworm beetle bug (or at least what google says). His diet includes decaying/dead things, feces, stored grains, and veggies(?), they also drink water and dr. pepper (tested from my own experiments). After hours (5 minutes) of researching his kind, I knew how to take care of him and be a great owner for him, I looked over at him and he was still laying in his little paper towel enclosure, he didn't move much because his legs weren't in good shape, he was weak and frail but I helped him, it took time and patience but he began to move around a bit after I fed him a strawberry,,, Then a miracle happened! he was starting to explore his new found home (my desk), he was a curious little fella and would often try to crawl towards my hands, I assume he wanted to be carried though I, myself am a little bit nervous that he would bite me. After the sunshine and rainbows, the storm eventually came,,,, Octavius was getting feisty with me, having lash out's and screaming matches with me. As a father, it truly broke my heart to see my little Octavius to be so cruel yet I know he's growing up to be his own bug, he wants to make choices of his own so I don't blame him. The final hour game, 7 o'clock struck then I knew,,, it was time to let go of my boy, my pride and joy, the moon to my clouds,,,, we had a bit of a tussle but I wrapped him in his favorite paper towel then I carried him to the backyard. After the silent and tense walk to the backyard sliding door, I opened it, the warm air hitting me immediately though I don't know if Octavius felt it. I crouched down before unraveling Octavius's paper towel, I stared down at him for a few moments, all I could think was how much I am going to miss him and how I'm going to regret this decision,,, I gently placed the paper towel with Octavius in it down on the ground, letting him crawl away though he didn't, he stayed and as much as I wanted to take him back into our home, I knew I couldn't. I gently guided him onto land, there was so much I wanted to say before I let him go but I couldn't get the words out, I looked at him with pity and sorrow in my eyes, he stared back up at me with those bug eyes,,, not a though behind them eyes. I stood up while still keeping eye contact before I started to slowly close the sliding door, leaving him out in the night where he belongs, where I know he will be much happier and make meet new critter friends. I whispered out ''Goodbye, Octavius Ranfield Ivory,,," before closing the sliding door shut and locking it.

I don't know where he is now, but I hope he knows I still care deeply for him. Here is some photos that share our memories together,,,

The first time meeting
the first time we met and i took him into my room

Octavius enjoying a refreshing and delightful meal
him eating his strawberry,,

Later on in the day, he was enjoying life in his new home.the last photo of my beautiful baby

The last photo of my beautiful baby,,, this was a few minutes before I released him back to mother nature
another close up taken later in the day

Octavius Ranfield Ivory,,, you will be missed, my wonderful son <3

(ya idfk im yapping about, i just rlly liek this bug)

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☆Claude☆。's profile picture

I cried,,,, this was such a roller coaster of emotions in this story, I’m sorry you had to leave him but it was for the best,,, I hope one day you guys will meet again soon and someday,,,,, your son will be missed,, sending lots of love towards you and your son,,

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UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH thank yew 4 such kind and lvong words,,,, i will tkae this 2 heart,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, pees

by man who sold the world; ; Report

best cat in da psych ward^_^

best cat in da psych ward...'s profile picture

he is so silly

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yes, he is quite the nitwit ( ̄‐ ̄)
but he appreciates ur kind words, hank yew!

by man who sold the world; ; Report

@soukokdu - evan…

@soukokdu - evan…'s profile picture

hope he gets stepped on!

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You will be the one getting stepped on and squished.

by man who sold the world; ; Report


charlie!?'s profile picture

this wuz such a <3warming rollercoastery tale of companionship,, bravo :'33

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ughhh thank yew thbak yew 4 such kind wrds,,,,, taking this 2 <33

by man who sold the world; ; Report