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sparkstember 2023 day 18


this one was actually FREAKING AMAZING compared to how it was received!!! it's so funny it's got me giggling~ a bunch of the songs remind me of other silly sparks songs, i really really really enjoy the lyricism on this one. i love the combination of classical vocals and strings with the silly billy electronics hehee!!! i love balls!! i didn't say as much for this one bc i just don't feel like i need to, it's soooo good!!!!!!!

faves: the angel (the alternate and the visconti versions slay, but i prefer the original because he says fuck for the first time on a sparks album and it's so silly when russell swears), balls, more than a sex machine (i love the cover for the single, also foreshadowing to ride 'em cowboy), the calm before the storm (i eatid a bees), how to get your ass kicked (more swearing), bullet train (bullet train reference), it's a knock off and irreplaceable (i love how they come right after each other, it's so oxymoronic), it's a sparks show, it's educational, scheherezade, all of the songs on the extended edition are splendid (though after hearing them all day it's getting harder to notice the differences between the sexes, the oblongs kind of reminds me of biology 2 just because it's weird like that /pos, a cute campaign opening theme and the race for president go so well together. uh. i did end up mentioning all songs. huh.

i love how on this cover there is only one (1) ball. so kant. so ballsy. from what i have heard they came in different colors and that is so slay i want a pink ball.

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russ 🤵👰‍♂️✨

russ 🤵👰‍♂️✨'s profile picture

russell saying fuck <3

yeah i don't have much to say either it's just so much fun so many hits balls all you need are balls to succeed are balls YIPPEE !!!!!

it's sad that the album called "balls" only has a singular ball on the cover. i guess it's just classic sparks to subvert expectations but i was promised at least two balls. i guess the alternate covers (you are correct they come in different colours) count as the other balls

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SAD. well there's other balls

by russ 🤵👰‍♂️✨; ; Report

there are multiple releases of balls, there are multiple balls they're just spread out yk

by georgie ☆; ; Report