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I found a new background and edited it to my liking. I like it since it is aero, now that I think about it aero is what metro or fluid (both are very corporate styles) are: corporate or formerly corporate designs that one day will be looked back on due to how prevalent they were in the childhoods of some, one day gen-alpha will have a metro or fluid obsession similar to my aero obsession. I am not too much of a metro/fluid fan but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in my case that means aero > Y2K > metro > fluid. God I hate fluid it is less fun than Y2K, less pleasant and calmer than aero and less efficiant than metro all it has is gradients. Come on that is "bringing a toothpick to an atom bomb fight". -Forest Valikai

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note fluid is win11 term for their aesthetic aka Memphis corporate

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