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DNI / BYI !!!


  • Racist
  • Homophobic 
  • Xenophobic 
  • Nazi
  • Just rlly hateful
  • Doesn't 'believe' in mental illness
  • RLLY RLLY into true crime
  • Pro shippers (die)
  • Pedo!! ur WERID
  • Doesn't support self diagnoses 
  • Doesn't use TW when venting, it ok if u forget every once in a while but like never using them is just kinda nasty
  • Thinkz serial killers are 'cool' or u idolize them
  • Seriously bully ppl for fun
  • Cat hater
  • If your over 17


  • I have memory loss so idk who you are ??
  • I will probably ask about your layout because i'm new to this website
  • I'm 14 so don't be weird 
  • I speak Japanese and English
  • My profile will change because i'm picky af
  • I swear if that a problem

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