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sparkstember 2023 day 17


this one was WAYYYYY better than i was expecting!!! it lowkey blew the previous like 4 albums out of the water!! (besides gratsax, that one can actually hold a candle) it's so innovative, so complex! i love love love how the title reflects the contents of the album cuz they *plagiarized* off themselves! genius!!!! as we know by now i'm both a sucker for electronic music and classical music, and while i've heard some sparks combine the two before (not including lil' beethoven rn... we will meet him soon !!), it has yet (chronologically) to be as flawless as this!

faves: angst in my pants, the no. 1 song in heaven pt. 2, beat the clock, both this towns, both something for the girls, amateur hour, big brass ring, WHEN I'M WITH YOU !!!, propaganda (OBSESSED with the extended version), the no. 1 song in heaven ft. somerville AND THEN HOW IT GOES STRAIGHT INTO NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON MOTHER EARTH ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? popularity i think is better in this version than the original hehe, funny face is so emotional now, change is straight up goofy /pos, AND OF COURSE PULLING RABBITS OUT OF A HAT, even orchestral collage is good... ALL OF THEM ARE AMAZING!!!!

now this cover... terrifies me. i do not understand it. it freaks me out i do NOT get the appeal. i can like see where their heads are overlaid, there isnt' enough contrast between ron's eyes and his glasses... but i mean if i don't look at their heads i guess it's fine maybe...

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russ 🤵👰‍♂️✨

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cap you listened to lil beethoven i remember

angst owns here and i love how they extended propaganda. never turn your back on mother earth is so good too i like your picks

both of the tracks with faith no more are my favourites they are just so much fun and so silly so chaotic makes my mind go wee (i mean those things are to be expected with both sparks and mike patton so when you combine the two ...)

the cover is so kant you're right you don't understand. it's even kantier when you read the interviews where russell talks about the bisexual appeal of the artwork and addresses sparks' status as the gayest straight band. biceps and bulges for everyone. coward. you simply do not sparkle hard enough it's everything

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i know i listened to lil' beethoven!! i'm just ignoring him for know bc i know the orchestrations combined with the lyrics are just chefs kiss.

i'm sparkling my best ugh!!!!! i agree that it has bisexual appeal and that sparks are the gayest straight band but this cover is not for me it is very kant tho

by georgie ☆; ; Report

you'll realize eventually. the cover is for me and some day it'll be for everyone just like the maels intended

by russ 🤵👰‍♂️✨; ; Report

one day...

by georgie ☆; ; Report