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Weekend of talking, with a touch of hobbyist solitude


So, I am to pack today. But I woke up at 2am from a nap that i was taking for this friends meet-up that was in the evening, it was still happening but now i end up doomed to get sleepy later, about the time that my quasipartner will wake up probably. And while she’s still sleep I don’t feel like trying to get to sort my stuff from the drawers and in the box.

Once I’m back, I have decided to start frequenting a coworking that is not free but accessible with affordable paid membership. I know it to be a meeting place of one community that I’ve been loosely connected to over the years, so that might be some socialization for me. And it is accessible 24/7 to members.

Next weekend I’m visiting Berlin. Still got to do my blood tests, primarily wanted to include HIV/HBV/HCV nucleid acid tests, my medical provider doesn’t seem to allow me to not just easily get a referral for it, but even to easily get the information on where can I make it paid to just have all tests done at once.


But meanwhile [here i cut off, and now need to retrospect the already retrospective] it occured that we started talking about our relationship and about lots of stuff going on. The weekend suddenly turned out feeling productive, meaningful to spend there.

We’ve ended up in a rhytm of very nicely aligned sleep and solitude and talking and my quick-cooking. I kept having the comfy lazy time to spend doing neat stuff on my laptop.

Some of that talking was emotionally exhausting, yes, however not by being unpleasant or frustrating, just from touching some strings.


I’ve ended up being about to stay here for a work Monday, it’s 2am now and i’m at the hackerspace typing a blog post after having spent a good bunch of time, first on the couch there and now here, doing cursed stuff reading up on things, then with XSLT-ing an Atom feed, then with scripting myself a news reader replacement in Bash.

Hopefully in this day in the afternoon I will manage to do what I planned for the Sunday to pack up the parcel I want sent to myself and pack into my not quite large suitcase the things I want immediately with me.

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