I met a ghost.

I met a ghost once. I met him on a rooftop in high school, I knew he was a ghost because he looked blurry; as if the universe wasn't sure if he was still supposed to exist. His skin and his clothes blended together, they were the same sickly pale. His hair was the only thing--from what I could see then--that stood out. I wasn't sure whether or not to call out to him, at first I thought he was a figment of my imagination. But then he turned around, he looked at me. 

I stopped breathing when he looked at me I think. He looked so tired, I guess at that point it struck me that he was real. The ghost looked me up and down before opening his mouth to speak, his voice was familiar. His voice asked me, "What are you doing here?" I don't think he expected anyone else to be there. Just him. I didn't answer his question for at least a few minutes, we just stood there facing each other. I don't think I even had an answer at the time. "The same reason you are I guess." he looked at me like he was calculating my answer before stepping down from the ledge. He tilted his head to the side--like a cat--his eyes just barely showing a hint of confusion, "Have I met you before?" I was at a loss for words. There was something about him that somehow rendered me speechless. "I...don't think you have?" looking back on that response it was somewhat stupid, no? "Is that so? You look incredibly familiar.", when he walked toward me his steps were silent, I couldn't hear a single sound. "Well, I suppose I should return another time. You have the rooftop to yourself." then he just walked past me, I could've sworn I felt a chill run down my spine and that the wind grew colder when he walked past.

When I looked back, it felt like he just disappeared.

(SDASFAS i just really liked this story and i've been showing it to literally everyone so i'm posting it here too)

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