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resident evil (96) thoughts

some thoughts on the og ps1 resident evil since i neeeed to get 'em out.

 love the soundtrack and its overall ambience, the mid 90s 3D vibe with all the pre-rendered backgrounds. a little too colorful imo but it's still fantastic. controls feel snappy and fun to move, although i found combat difficult in some areas due to how damn slow the turning is. shotgun felt amazing, grenade launcher was okay. the pistol kinda lost its purpose after 30 min due to slowing down the gameplay lol. was best to either shotgun or run. 

did 4 playthroughs, 3 jill and 1 chris. chris was obviously the hard mode although i didnt really enjoy him as much. his playthrough felt a lot more contrived and padded out than jill's. also it wasnt as funny in the dialogue department, outside of the "stop laughing" from wesker. 

silly little game that i got a lot more out of than its remake, although i'd have to replay remake before i make further judgment. hugely recommend, especially if you like speedrunning through games. great decision to put emphasis on that aspect by the dev team. excited to play resi 2.

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