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nostalgic sick

my timehop streak is 1916 days, a little over 5 years. i have always been keen of my borderline obsession with nostalgia. they used to consider it a mental illness and frankly, with the vigor i feel nostalgia (a heavy pang, a drowning sob, a hazy photo i cant make out) they should still consider it such in special cases. my timehop account is actually 9 years old so i didnt fully use it for 4 years but downloading an app quite literally destined to make you spiral at 11 years old is funny to me. What memories was i afraid i was going to lose? the haunting, impending sense of my own doom forced me catalogue and categorize all my feelings and interactions. an archive of screenshots full of conversations i wanted to bookmark stays in my photo gallery. i pay for extra storage because of this.

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