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PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM VIDLII RIGHT NOW!!!!! I just checked VidLii to sign in and saw SEVERAL gore videos on the home feed, as well as one automatically playing as the "Featured" Video. People are posting videos like the 1444 Suicide and the Funky Town gore video, which are all horribly disturbing and upsetting to even SEE. PLEASE if you can handle gore at the slightest, REPORT THESE VIDEOS. From what I'm aware, The owner of VidLii who moderates the entire website is away and hence why there being flooded with these AFWUL videos on there website. PLEASE DO NOT INTERACT OR ATTEMPT TO CONFRONT ANYBODY WHO POSTS THESE VIDEOS, YOU MAY BE DOXXED BY THE POSTER OR GET INFO LEAKED, THIS HAPPENS DAILY. Please just stay away from the entire website unless you are going to report these horrendous videos. It is SO disturbing to find out that people actually illegally own these videos and are re disturbing them to other websites meant for fun, NOT as a Gore Website, And if you're a fucking edge lord who says stupid shit like "It's not even that bad" GET A LIFE, AND DO NOT INTERACT WITH THIS POST. My only goal in this post is to bring awareness to the sick fucking world we live in right now, and to try and fight sick and ill people who do these things for a living.

Thank you for reading, And have a Great day. 

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hey ik im telling like a year later but don’t use it at all anymore it’s basically just what people call “liveleak2” and i’ve heard it’s filled with corn and “club penguin”..

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Theres CP on it now? what the fuck?? At this point the person who made the site should just shut it down alltogether. its way too far gone to even be saved even if they tried to moderate it. Its a lost cause.

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