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About Me!!!

Well hello! I guess since this is my first blog entry, I should make it an “about me” entry!

My name is Nicholas, hence the username, BeeBoyNick.

I go by They/He pronouns while They/Them are typically preferred.

My hobbies are; reading, drawing, playing games, and golfing.

I like; my boyfriend, cats, anime, webcomics, the sound of my boyfriend’s voice, their smile, and collecting things.

I don’t like; bugs, people who are mean to my boyfriend, big dogs, and failing.

Fandoms I’m in: Deadendia, FMA, Daybreak, Heartstopper, Omori, Soft Love, The Doctors Are Out, Given, Sasaki To Miyano, and The Stranger By The Shore.

I have Autism and ADHD so I can be a bit slow and misunderstanding at times.


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