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The tarantula is considered the largest and strongest spider on the planet. Among the tarantulas there are huge shaggy spiders, reaching more than 10 cm in length, not counting the legs. Up to 600 species of seme live in tropical countries

Tarantulas hunt on the ground. Having spotted the prey, they jump after it. Many tarantulas live in the tropical forests of Ceylon, in the tropical zones of America, Australia, South and Southeast Asia, New Zealand, including India and the islands of the tropical Indian and Western Pacific oceans. Tarantula spider bites pose a serious danger not only to small animals, but also to humans. In particular, there is evidence of death as a result of the bite of the Ceylon tarantula. This spider also has hair and its body looks shaggy. The eight tall legs splay slightly to the sides, rather than being flattened on the ground like the limbs of other spiders.

What happens when a tarantula spider bites you? 

Tarantula spiders contain a fairly strong toxin in their glands. The person who is bitten experiences pain at the site of the bite, followed by swelling and redness of the skin. In severe cases there have been deaths. Cases of death from these spiders have been recorded in Australia and New Zealand.

The most dangerous tarantula spider for humans is the Brazilian spider. The bite of this spider causes severe pain, which eases over time. The poison primarily affects the nervous system of the victim. The venom of the tarantula spider has a general effect on the body. Symptoms of poisoning indicate intoxication of the entire body: severe fatigue, drowsiness, sluggishness of movements, and impaired coordination. In addition to the listed symptoms, the pulse weakens and respiratory activity is impaired. With the most favorable course, the general condition of the victim improves after a few hours. Recovery occurs in two to three days.

In the most severe cases, victims of a Brazilian tarantula spider bite die within 2 to 5 hours from respiratory arrest. Consequently, the most dangerous period after being hit by the venom of this spider is the period within 5 hours. After the crisis has passed, the patient usually recovers quite quickly.

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