How i met my boss last part

"Well... That...didn't go as planned" I rub my eyes trying to ward off the headache I gained from talking to such a ponpus prat...or likely from sparking up his desk, that fucker deserved it anyways.
A month passed and before I knew it I was sat in a sodding ally way looking up at blue who looked more than pleased to see me and the state I was in
"What do you want? Come to rub money in my face?" Blue snickered and proded me with his cane causeing me to wobble a bit
"Oh it is simply such a heart ache to see what has become of you yellow, I guess you won't be paying off your dept then?" He snickered again and dropped a contract on me that was of course written in some fancy font, he then dropped a pen on me and smiled
"If your clever you'll take this chance rather than throwing it away, if you do you'll always know where to find me, and don't worry I'll tell my 'guards' to let you in, you'll just have to show them the contract, anyways good luck yellow" and with that he sauntered off leaving me with only one opinion... I had to sign it

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