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Album Recommendations #1

Greetings! Welcome to the first entry of my Album Recommendations!

Home: Complete Edition

By PrismCorp Virtual Enterprises.

Home: Complete Edition | PrismCorp Virtual Enterprises | Vektroid (

If you're a fan of the Utopian Virtual genre, those midi instruments and nostalgic basslines, this album is a great pick. Most of the tracks are ripped 90s midi files, taken from GeoCities archives or midi covers of obscure jazz music. The selection however is really great as you can imagine. 

Favorite track: Newsgroup

The tacky instrumentalization and melodies won't leave your head from the very first time you listen to them. There's a large element of satire present throughout the entire tracklist. It's made by the same person that made the classic Vaporwave album Floral Shoppe: "Vektroid" but under one of her many aliases.

This album was not released alone however, its sister project is alongside it: 

ClearSkies: Complete Edition

By PrismCorp Virtual Enterprises.

▶︎ ClearSkies: Complete Edition | PrismCorp Virtual Enterprises | Vektroid (

Released in April 20th, 2013 this album follows the same philosophy as its companion. Personally, I find the tracks in Home more appealing, but it's up to you to decide which one you enjoy the most!

Favorite track: SeaScape

That's it for Album Recommendations #1, see you next time!

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