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some of my fav games!! XD

heres a short little list of my fav games :P

SILENT HILLLLL!1!1!1 i luv the story of these games i wanna collect every single pice of slient hill merch ive played the 2nd and 3rd beat the 3rd one twice ^_^ 2nd one was the hardest 😭 trying to get the 1st and 4th one!

RULE OF ROSE the story of this game is so interesting super expensive thooooo trying to emulate it :0 i have a ps2 so i might pirate the game 😋 but the charcters are so interesting i feel so bad for jennifer :( the ending was SO unexpected

RESIDENT EVIL i dont have any of the games and im trying to understand the story when i learn the story i forget it after a while but i still love the game!

THE OVERWHELMING HELL its a obscure horror game but it is SO good its a twisted version of alice in wonderland but with a school girl LOL such a cheaply made game but super fun >:)

thats it for my list hope yall have good day:))))

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