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I Miss My Green Day Shirt :(

Unfortunately I Lost My 'American Idiot Shirt'

I can't find it anywhere near my house, I always think that My shirt was lost when dad was doing the laundry but no one knows why or how did I lose it

If You're going to comment "Oh It's just a shirt... stop being dramatic about it"

Go ahead, comment about it I wouldn't mind honestly.... But You won't understand how I've been waiting for that shirt soo loong that it keeps delaying after my birthday, technically yes it was supposed to be my birthday gift and I was waiting for it to arrived that it took 2 or 3 weeks... And I was so grateful when my it finally arrived

It was really supposed to be one of my shirt collections but I lose it anyways and now I'm really sad abt it, I really can't believe how I lost it...

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