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sparkstember 2023 day 16

gratuitous sax & senseless violins!!!

gonna be honest, as of writing this, i haven't gotten through the whole extended version, however i did finish the first disc so! i can continue with this review. i honestly really liked this album too, i thought it was very witty and i loved hearing real variety in the sounds, which i didn't realize i was missing from the past couple albums (the songs all just kinda blended together). truly stunnin', but so freaking long... i am more than halfway through it... i might update with other stand outs

faves: when do i get to sing "my way" (it's iconic!!!! how could you not love it), i thought i told you to wait in the car (got me feeling cheeky for not waiting in the car), when i kiss you i hear charlie parker playing (honestly i love how electric it is!!! it's such a fun turn for sparks), frankly, scarlett i don't give a damn (yes!! fictional people given a story through song!!!), both the intro (gratsax) and outro (senseless violins... why doesn't that one have a fun abbreviation), hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil (monkey covering eyes emoji thanks), now that i own the bbc (sparks reference (england)), literally all the songs (i've heard so far) are really good!! I LOVE NATIONAL CRIME AWARENESS WEEK (COMPLETE PSYCHO) it's so jerma... she's an anchorman SLAYS, so does live beat the clock (i feel so rraahrrharhrhrhghghghghsadfkjh that sparks actually performed live lmfaoo i'm such a loser), and so does where did i leave my halo? !!

now this cover... we are LIVING in the KANT!!!! ABSOLUTELY ROLLING IN IT!! paul rudd russ for starters. ALSO SOMEONE ON TWITTER WHO DOES REDRAWS OF ALBUM COVERS BUT AS SNOOPY DID THIS ONE AND IT WAS SO CUTE AAAAA. AMERICA'S most miserable MAN (good thing rivers cuomo adjusted his tie that one time...) there's so much to see on this cover (and on the back) i am looking everywhere....

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russ 🤵👰‍♂️✨

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not much to say here but very tasty and kanty album i love the cover very much and you should send me the snoopy thing

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hmm i'll try to find it... it was a while ago that i saw it on my tl...

by georgie ☆; ; Report

nebber mind jimmy made it :3 still slay

by georgie ☆; ; Report

georgie ☆

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oooh mid-atlantic...

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get ready for the ron version :3

by russ 🤵👰‍♂️✨; ; Report


by georgie ☆; ; Report