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sparkstember 2023 day 15

interior design!!!

apparently this is one of the worst received sparks albums (i'm struggling to remember what the wikipedia article said), but i actually really really liked this one! we're getting russell's falsetto, an amazing blend of heavy guitars, synthesizers, and a plethora of other instruments and voices, and cheeky lyrics as always :3 i can understand why people don't like this compared to other sparks albums, but that's all in the context of the time. if you take it out of the fact that it's not really as innovative as early sparks and it's very similar to what has already been made, it's a well-made album ! just ignore the haters and it's amazing.

faves: madonna (french version specifically. russell speaking french makes me feel things. but also the other ones are stunning), so important (even the remix is good), lots of reasons (there's lots of reasons why i'm after you hahahaha, this song feels so halfnelson, just with synths!!!!!), just got back from heaven (it took him 14 years, but he finally got back after "here in heaven"), you got a hold of my heart (i think it's neat), love-o-rama (waiting to feel his love so i can know... i love the overlaid vocals) i was only able to listen to this a couple times, but from what i heard all of them were really good!

this cover is interesting, it definitely feels like it's right out of a magazine. still very kant. can't really say they're doing much interior design though... from all that i can see in the room the design is mid tbh. those drapes are horrible (probably fudged live action cat in the hat reference). very california, very mid-century post-war modern architecture in the back.

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russell ✨🤵‍♂️👰‍♂️

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yeah interior design is the poorest received sparks record among general music listeners and likely their least commercially successful as well, ron and russell were in somewhat of a tight spot after releasing it

i'd probably agree in saying it's the worst sparks album but it's still not bad. they're surprisingly and amazingly consistent and the record still has its fair share of good tracks

love how you made a callback to here in heaven, it's like how my baby's taking me home finally answered the 27 year old question of how are you getting home (there's also i married myself 28 years after falling in love with myself again and i married a martian there in between. ron and russell are both canonically aliens in Sparks Lore™️ so it doesn't really complicate things that much i think)

madonna is probably my favourite

the artwork is also on the weaker end of their catalogue but sparks have an absolutely fantastic album cover game and i don't dislike it or anything

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i agree hehe
after listening to only sparks for literal days on end and in a certain order it's getting hard to tell what's good and what isn't because it all kind of flows together...

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georgie ☆

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oh also stop me if you heard me before is one of the slays !

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it's not like i'm listening to this right now haha (i am)

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