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i couldnt work out the world wibe web

so i really did try my hardest to make a neocities and website from scratch but i learned a few things:

1. i think im much more capable of coding than i am

2. i don't remember much HTML from my tumblr days

it took me an embarrassing amount of time to try and customize my theme completely and i am still adding so many weird elements to make this website feel like a home. that is one of the things i have always loved about sites with so much customization, it forces some creativity and personality on the home page.

anyway. i deleted my favorite social media: twitter. i have been using twitter since i was a sophomore in high school and im going into my junior year of college so for half a decade i have spent most of my time posting my thoughts in under 240 characters. i love to talk, i am verbose and feel strongly on any topic.

there's something therapeutic of screaming into the void, like the probability of someone seeing this is much less than any other social media. it is sort of an art form. there is some expected brevity to social media, twitter has the character limit and Instagram cuts off too long of captions. blogging forces more out of you, i get to use adjectives freely and not worry about not making the word cut. 

i took a class on archives and had to read archival theory and i think since then i have been more preoccupied with old internet. i have seen screenshots of old blogs in real archives, how crazy is that? the crazier part is that its good they did preserve a hard copy because the real website can no longer be accessed, not even on the internet archive. if stories are the ephemera of social media then blog posts are the documents in acid free folders only to be touched with gloves. what a stupid reference.

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