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Seed NFT Direct Injection for Updates to firmware,software, and upgradeable hardware

RetroArch, and Cores

Still good ol Unbuntu

CrpytoGraphic Cloud

Modio, But kinda like Excel 360

Format Seeking seeds, Google Collabaration 

The cell phone should have a sim card, microSD card, and replaceable battery.

Headphone Jack?

Upgradeable motherboards for a projection.

USB C and USB for O.S, Application carry, and even bluetooth seed and host?

Find your phone "One Click and submit as evidence???" USB C HDD for phones, and tip.. USB as well...

Manage through "thunderbird" all your profiles in the sense of one tap. for make your QR Codes..

Remote/transparency for video games, and subscriptions physically.

VPN, and Cleopatra for an etch.

The threelockbox hasher for public and private

Tips for Apple

Link Cable?

Using the NDS as a controller "as well"

Pc, Ps4, Ps4 games, Console, scripts

Action Replay, Gameshark, Age of Mythology editor

Peer 2 Peer R4 PipBoy64

One IP Address, One Download a day???

Printed Circuit Boards and Analog sticks..

80% of the internet as pictures, and videos

Books, Movies, Games, Music, Radio, Maps,

Wires, Trasistors, and Resistors?

USB 3.0 to HDMI

USB C into Encrption communication O.S for cell phones.

Jailbroken sensor bar?

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