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Sooorrrrr its a normal saturday rn and yall know weekend is for having sth on your mind other than school. But this would never happen. Ik schools getting harder and harder but Im not getting smarter and smarter. 1 of my teachers wants that we have to do a presentation and thats not the problem. the problem is that EVERY teacher wants that. The problem is: as it woldnt be enugh I also have to learn 4 my 4 exams Im going to write within 2 weeks ahhhgggg. I mean whazs wrong with them? Do they really think doin sth for school at home is fun? Do they think I have to do nothing else to do? I wanna "enjoy my teenage years" but no. I have to do sth 4 school. Every time im saing school, school and school as if it would be the only thing I have in my life. 

But well that was it I hope u enjoyed reading this:)

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