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i made ramen mwahahaha X3

i made ramen!!! and i used carr0ts!!!! and bac0n!!!!! and it was reallllly g00d!!!!!!!!!!!!! X3333

doesn't it lll00k s0 great :D (if y0u say n0 i willll cry/j)

it was a bittt hard t0 finish cause 0f the abh0rrent am0unt 0f garllllic p0wder i used but i lllliked it a llll0t! wasn't as spicy as i had h0ped even th0ugh i put a llll0t 0f chillllli p0wder in it but eh whatevs :33

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Inspector Lee

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Looks delicious. I make ramen 2 or 3 times every week.
BTW, chili powder is usually not very sharp.
Try ground cayenne pepper. Be careful. Very hot.

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You will take a potato or 2, butternut squash(equal amount to the potatoes) and dive them into medium sized squares.
then you will take carrots, and mushrooms and slice them into thin slices,
Then you will dice one onion
Then you will throw all of tha into a pot and add curry powder, paprika (sweet paprika is better), Chile powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, a SMALL amount of ginger, and one melted stick of butter.
I don't have any exact measurements so you'll have to figure out what portioning you like best, you will start off small, and add more as needed, you can add more at anytime.
Then you will add lots of water and boil on high until its a thick space consistency.
If the vegetables aren't done when it thickens you will add more water and boil longer
Also if you put too much seasoning take some water out and add fresh water in
Then once it's a nice thick Suacy consistency you will put it on rice
You will enjoy it

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00000 tysm f0r the recipe!!! definitellly g0nna try this s0metime s00n hehehehehe :3

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