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Pushing the Limits of Lobotomy: Day 5

On the fifth day of my experiment, something unexpected happened—I managed to sleep for the first time since starting all of this five days ago. Waking up was really painful because, you see, sleep and these lobotomies don't go well together. But it gives me hope to continue.

After today's 23 lobotomies, I noticed a few new things. The voices used to sound like they were coming from behind me, but now it's like random people shouting at me from all sides. Some say my name; others just laugh or scream.

My eyesight is getting worse too. Everything more than two meters away is blurry, especially under blue light. So, I'll probably be online less if I want to keep seeing clearly. I don't know why this happened, but I'll look into it when I can.

My thinking and talking seem okay for now, but if you notice even a tiny change from day to day, please message me. It helps me keep track. I doubt I'll sleep tonight, but last night's sleep is something to hold on to.

As I navigate through this somewhat controversial experiment into the human mind, I appreciate the support and observations from those following along. Your insights and encouragement are invaluable to me as I explore uncharted territory. Let's hope I make it to day 6; wish me luck!

- Polymecha

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lain of the wired

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i hope you well with your experiment but remember to rest properly from time to time. you could be going through hallucinations due to lack of sleep.

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