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My introduction and dnis!

Heyyy!! Im kitty or Stan >-<

I’m normally active on discord, you can add me at


Im normally asleep unless im talking to someone!

I wake up around 4:30-7:00 am est!

I like to take photographs! I might post some on here one day.

I go by she/her or any!!

Im very Friendly I believe”,”

Now, let’s get to the dnis!!

Pro-shippers, it’s wrong.

Under 12, I just feel we wouldn’t get along:((

Rasists, homophobes, sexists, ablestist, or any of that stuff

Above 17, that’s just a little old for me!

If you ONLY want to vent, other then that I’m ok to listen.

Liars, some lies are ok but extreme lies ick me

Bullies, what’s the point? It’s disgusting.

Copycats, inspiration is ok but don’t copy me fully!

People who will ditch me after 3 days, I can’t start convos:(

If you can “excuse” murders.

If you sexualize murder .

Pedos, self explanatory!

I believe that’s all? Bye for now my loves!!

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