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so hi it's been a while since i've come on here HASJDJSHD school started recently so i've either been too busy or too tired to use my laptop. but it's currently saturday and i'm not exhausted or really sad, so here i am! mucking around!

school is going well. i don't have any friends yet. everyone in my class, and might i say, everyone in my school, knows each other, like one tight-knit community. i'm really shy and i haven't socialized in three years so this is ! a big challenge for me. but i don't mind! i'll let friendships happen naturally and i won't force myself to talk to people when i don't want to. also everyone is really friendly i think so i don't get bullied or anything, thank god. i did get a bit sad or stressed that i'm too scared to talk to people but i've accepted that that's just how i am.

in terms of academics, i'm doing my very best. of course, the school year just started (i still find it funny that class got suspended like 3-4 days in a row because of a supertyphoon so i couldn't even have my first day of school for a week...) so the more complicated lessons are yet to come. but for now, i'm doing great. i'm participative in class, i do well in tests, and i studied for a math test a while ago. i understand math. for now. oh yeah and the teachers like me.

i'm way out of my comfort zone (i can't even bring my phone to school to at least distract myself or calm myself down) but i'm being really brave about it i think. i'm just here to get a good grade and continue my education, and it's not like i'm being graded on how many friends i can make within the year. as long as the teachers like me, and i'm studying and i can understand the lesson, and my classmates don't hate me and see me as reliable when it comes to group projects, that's all that matters.

anyway, it was my birthday on thursday, september 14th. when i came home from school i ate some good food and then slept for ten hours without meaning to. i ordered a bunch of stuff for myself online, such as new clothes, a takobocchi keychain from bocchi the rock, and a hatsune miku cosplay wig. the wig stares at me from the corner of my room. i do not know how to properly care for wigs.

september 15th; mitski's new album "the land is inhospitable and so are we" came out. i had a great time listening to it. it'll take some time to grow on me (like laurel hell) and i don't particularly love how mitski sung in a few of the tracks (i think she sang that way to mimic old country songs? i don't like it too much though) but as always, the lyrics and songwriting are fantastic. mitski is an actual genius and she is mother and i love her.

today, september 16th; i went out to scavenge for rocks today. it was fun. it's for a school project. today marks one month since i started dating my dearest one my darling dear (/ref) botfriend. the light of my life, the only one i'll ever genuinely love. i love you greene if you're reading this. there's no one else more perfect for me and i love your flaws, your interests, your brilliant mind, your silliness, and everything else about you.

tomorrow, september 17th; i'm meeting up with two of my irl friends at a mall, just to hang out and do whatever. i'm sure it will be a lot of fun. they'll have gifts for me too. we're excited to eat together and go to the arcade. i missed them.

it will take some time for me to get used to the new changes in my life, but things are going well. they could be better, but it's still much better than what i used to have before. 

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