Beauty GBE #5



1. A combination of qualities, such as, shape, color or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

"I was struck by her beauty." 

Oftentimes, as we can see by the definition from Oxford Languages Dictionary, beauty is ascribed to women. Every now and again, sometimes, a man.

My Gramps was one of those men. Now, don't get me wrong, he wasn't a "pretty boy." He was, undeniably, a very handsome man. No, his beauty came from within.

The way he looked at my Grandma, when he thought no one was watching him, was a sight to behold. His loving gaze was a thing of beauty. It transformed his face into an image of pure bliss. He called her, "Doll Face."

The way he loved his family was beauty personified. Never raising his voice in anger. Always speaking kindness and love. If not through his words, always through his actions he showered us with unconditional love. I never once heard him speak an ugly word about anyone.

His physical being radiated beauty and grace. Watching him cut down a giant pine tree, cast a fishing line, while he read his Bible, while he prayed, always filled me with such a sense of awe and peace. Boy, could that man say a beautiful prayer.

My Gramps was simply a beauty-filled, beautiful, human being. And, I am beyond blessed to have been able to bask in that beauty for as long as I did. Gramps was 92 when the Lord called him home❤️

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It's great that you had that kind of influence in your life.

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Gosh, your grandma was really lucky. Seriously. You all were. I found myself wishing that I could've basked in his love, too. I think he was born into and lived through a unique time during his 92 years that gave him a deep appreciation for life and love. I don't know, he really sounds like a unique man in his own right, one that my heart swelled with love for the more I read. You come from a solid foundation and no wonder you have the love in your heart that you do!

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He was an amazing man.
He was a barber, too. I loved watching him cut hair.
Gramps truly took joy in everything he did.
You should have seen him all dressed up in his square dancing clothes. And, Grandma in her dresses *swoon*. She made his shirts, and her dresses. So many petticoats
Grandma wasn't always the nicest with her words (untreated mental illness). But, we knew she loved us, because she showed us with her actions. And, he loved her unconditionally.
After he passed, I came across a verse he had highlighted in one of his Bibles. The previous verse was talking about a man's ill wife. The one he had highlighted said, "And, he laid her at His feet." That spoke volumes to my heart.
Jesus was his #1 love. And, that love was passed on to me.
I blogged about it when Larry Cerullo had posted the prompt along the lines of tell about an influential person in our lives.
It's somewhere in the FB "notes" section, but I don't know how to find the notes anymore....
Every year it pops up in my memories & I'm so thankful for that.

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It's such a blessing to have people in our lives--not just in childhood, but as adults, too--who show us what it means to be a good human. Who quietly teach by their consistency and kindness. Glad to know you had that in your Gramps.

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Me, too.
Being his granddaughter was, and always be, an honor

by Christine is still a Bumblebee with the GBE💜; ; Report