so theres this girl... p2

i might be insane or the girl ive mentioned before might like me back,

like two weeks ago when she was buying cigarettes from my checkout lane she had to tell me her date of birth and she hesitatred when she said it, there was a small pause between her sayin 19 and 97, this also makes her 6 years older than me but i do not care, ive locked own my answer before i knew. was she trying to conceal her age from me?

i might be reaching with that one

but oh my god the way she smiled at me the other day, oh my god platonic people do not smile at eachother like that. my face was red and blushing for like an hour afterwards just thinking of that moment. 

for a while ive been getting this feeling in my stomach when i see her, but now im starting to get it when i think about her, i really hope she likes me back or i might make a big fool out of myself sooner or later

i started getting into jujutsu kaisen for her (its actually pretty good) she held off on season 2 and waited for me to catch up, i wanna ask her if she wants to watch season it together in person, as some kind of unofficial first date, 

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