New Blurb from my writing(The Storm)

I can't post the rest here because of where this piece goes, while not NSFW it does hint at some NSFW themes. It's about a relationship that ignores warnings only becoming more passionate until the passion reaches its conclusion, seen through a storm. It's not the storm(the passion) that is dangerous but what follows the storm(the passion) with hints of foreshadow of what is to come. Not my best work(it's only a rough draft) but outlines almost perfectly one of my past relationships, taking in one of my favorite moments of that relationship. I am still writing this piece and it will change from this to the final draft keeping the storm metaphor and the progression of the relationship but will add more flavor text and more context after I finish the first draft. I just started writing it but wanted to share. Thanks!

When we met the sky was clear, though the people around us warned of a coming storm. For us the storm was far off and nonexistent, we were convinced that it would not happen. We danced our dance amongst the fields, trees and the buildings that surrounded us in our obviousness. We shared a passionate kiss as the wind picked up, while the others told us it was time to take shelter. Both the howling wind and voices of warning were drowned out as our hearts met beating in unison the other sounds didn’t matter. If only we listened, if only we took shelter sooner. As our kiss ended the sun was hidden behind the darkening clouds there threat of rain imminent,  everyone and their warnings now locked behind closed doors. We were the only ones out on the street alone except our company, the only thing that we needed. The silence was another warning we should have heeded. The only thing that broke our peace in the growing storm was the first drops of rain. You were the first to break away from the embrace that we held. I stood there for a moment feeling the rain upon my face, only stirred because I didn’t feel your presence. I looked around only to see your silhouette in the distance. I ran to try to catch up. Only able to do so when you took a second to unlock our front door by that time it was a little too late, the storm had overtaken us already I saw it in your drenched hair. It wasn’t till you were safe you looked back and saw me standing in the doorway my silhouette only outlined as the lightning struck. We laughed it off as we embraced again, our wet clothes clingy to our skin.

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