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Log 6: Room's clean!!

Hii! It's been a while since I've posted anything substantial about my life, notably because school started and I've been busy just trying to stay on top of work... Last year I had a lot of trouble giving in any work on time, so I'm trying harder this year to curb bad habits. Using paper calendars, a whiteboard on my door and a bunch of other stuff should help. 

Anyways, between the actual work, I've also tried to keep my room relatively clean. I've noticed that having a dirty room makes me really depressed and just makes things harder for me in general, so an effort to keep it clean helps me to get off my ass and makes me feel better in general. In between building a new shelf, reorganizing my DVD & game shelf and just keeping stuff off the floor, I think I've done a pretty good job of keeping the place tidy. 

Since I basically spend all of my free time in my room, it's accumulated a lot of decorations, and I'm quite proud of it :3 That's why I'll be sharing it with all of you guys today!! Even if its quite crowded it doesn't mean it's dirty, it's more of an organised chaos.

First of all, let's step into the doorway...

Tadahh!! Quite the colorful space eh? :3 Here's a closer look at some of the shelves and surfaces around my room :)

Peruse my collections at your leisure  

Next is my bed and the things I fall asleep looking at every night  (Sorry about the weird distortion, this was taken in 0.5x zoom to fit the most stuff into frame as possible lol)

That's pretty much it!! What do you think? Would you feel extremely overwhelmed in my room be honest :3 It may be a lot but it's wholly and utterly me, so I'm happy with it. Things are good. 

I hope everything's going well for everyone else with school starting up again... It's not all easy but I guess it's good for me to see people irl again. I feel a little more burnt out of talking to people than previous years, but overall it's not so bad. I've just been super tired these past few weeks in general.

I guess at least it's my last year of high school though which is. Somewhat of a relief Sigh...  A little bit scared of what the future holds for me, especially since I have just about zero clue what I want to do next year, but oh well. I'll cross that bridge when I get there!!

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YAN!!!!!!!!'s profile picture

HOLY!! That's a lot

based dedede and robo ky posters

also damn I always wanted that caiman and nikaido figure, figurama has some damn gorgeous figures

the only posters i have are a miku poster from walmart and 3 posters i got from a con hehe

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Hehe glad someone noticed the fun posters :3

Love the figure but the communication in terms of shipping from Figurama was really bad :(( very little information even when the fig was delayed, which was really scary and disappointing considering its such a fancy/premium company. At least it made it here eventually though!! and it looks even better than I expected :)

Respectable collection!! I love the Walmart posters, they're accessible and pretty nice tbh ^-^/

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Ur room is so cool!! I love all the posters and little trinkets you have on display! ^_^

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Tyy :D I'm glad you think so, I love trinkets

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Nipaahhh~~!!'s profile picture

Ur room its like the size of my house, but how cute (im seeing the naked boys ಠಿ_ಠ ಠಿ_ಠ ಠಿ_ಠ)

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It's really usually not this clean, so seeing it like this definitely makes it feel comparatively huggeee!!

Don't mind the guys :3 They're just my... *cough* Friends? :33

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Yeah Yeah "friends"

by Nipaahhh~~!!; ; Report