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Right, so to honor the rebranding and official launch of this account, i'd like to talk in depth (not rly) about the silly guy in my profile and raining down on your screen :3

FRANKIE!! (*´∀`*)ノ。+゜*。

(+ his bf Ethan in green, and one of his many friends Casey in red!)

[btw credits to my bud Lencho for making this :3 his user is milkyoatmeal18 on here!!]

ART CREDS TO MY FRIEND LENCHO!! (spacehey user milkyoatmeal18)

And you might be thinking, "Frankie, your name's ALSO Frankie.. is this your persona-" NO. Even if I tried to be him I'd never be able to capture the amount of swag he has </3 

Frankie's a Dutch scene feller with both big charisma and big GAY!! + he has transed his gender. Yknowwww I could probably just show all his personal details in blinkies.. SO:

for those who don't speak blinkie-ish....

get fucked I'm not explaining this x3

If you have any scene OCs, totally make a blog and link it in the comments!! 

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Yo this is sick

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Ty!! This guy's been in the works for months

by frankie / franq kadabra! :3; ; Report