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sum of yall rly need 2 get a grip

Like yea shi here are not the best but what do yall expect?? Like for everything to be perfect? It's only stupid bc it's soo easy to just ignore it or not even have to say anything at all AND on the other hand yall be over reacting too much. For the littlest things too (yes you have the right to react to stuff but don't gotta be so extra unless it's sum insanely bad) Also if you don't even know something exactly then don't say anything about if?

omg another thing if you're too sensitive then why do you do things you know you're gonna get hurt by? Like you're just setting up yourself at that point./gen  

It's jus dumb dawg 

Also reality checks- If you can't handle that then I don't think you should be on here or anywhere online in general lmao 😭😭😭 

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