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Update for the months i´ve been mia (15/09/23)

Hi everyone! 

As seen from the title i havent been here in quite a while. I was away on vacation! and then i started my classes,,, but lets get to it from the begining. 

I used to live in a small town for around 3 years, up north in my country. Thats were all my really good friends are. But i moved across the country bc of my dad´s job and also bc im studying a degree also in this new place. 

I dont have many complaints about moving if im being honest. When i had to say goodbye at the end of last year´s summer i didnt cry o things like that. Because for me it didnt feel like a real goodbye, i knew i was gonna go back to them eventually. Of course i miss my friends and everything, but there is ways to go back (train, plane...). 

I always try to see the good side in things. Ive made amazing friends, like really amazing, to the point i missed them during vacations. And i met a really special person, my boyfriend. Here things are so different because i live kinda close to a big city, so im also experiencing a new type of ambient and vibe.

Anyway, i did go back, like i wanted to. Luckily i had the chance to do so. I stayed for three weeks, but it went by so fast i felt like i didnt have time to do everything i wanted. 

It was nice being back to what i consider my home & to my friends. 

We went partying a lot, a thing that happens a lot in the north here. So i saw many people from my old high school, it was nice reuniting unexpectedly. They all seemed so happy to see me again. I was greeted really nicely by everyone. 

Also, the town is really nice so i took some pictures, specially with my digital camera. It was just nice being home you know.

Then i went on a week vacation with my parents, but back in the south. It was very fun but somehow the beach had warmer water than the pool in the place we were staying. I had fun but when we went into the city (we stayed in the outskirts),,, it wasnt exactly pretty... 

We did see a roman colosseum & an aqueduct. Pretty cool i cant lie. 

Now im back to uni classes. Actually today i finished my first week. I had very little classes but getting back to the routine was tiresome. Im already being swarmed by homework (yes, homework in uni classes,,, tell me about it), group projects... But im trying to keep up to date. So far its working. 

Im also trying to make a better / healthier life routine; going to the gym, going to sleep early, keeping up with my classes... 

On another note, i decided to start selling some kpop photocards. Idk if anyone who is a mutual here or i just reading this rn likes kpop, but the account is @/haesaless on instagram! If you wanna check it out. 

Im doing trades too!! I actually packed up my first trade but the p.o doesnt open until monday... So i have to wait to send i out cus rn its closed... They love working -20 hours around here. 

Im really nervous about the delivery fee, since its a trade, i pay for my part. I checked in a calculating page and it told me it was like 30-40 euros for a 30 grams envelope... I checked the p.o official page with the packaging fees and it should cost more than 3 euros but now im super worried. I´ll let you know how it ends... Maybe i end up changing the envelope so they charge me less ??

Anyway, thats all for now. Sorry for the long entry and thank you to anyone who made it here! Hope summer was good for everyone, take care <3 

My kind of woman - Mac DeMarco

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>They love working -20 hours around here.

felt that

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