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SoulSilver #2

I was busy the past day or two, so I wasn't able to play the game at all.

However, I played some tonight! I mostly just got through the leveling up of my Pokemon, finished Sprout Tower, and then got my first gym badge. I also gained the Egg, which I probably will keep until it hatches before shoving it into the PC for the rest of its life. 

my team rnfirst badge, lets go!

I will try to play more of this tomorrow for right now I am very tired. For now, I shall turn off the game and go watch Jeeves and Wooster or something. 

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Busy moments suck, gl gettin through 'em and good luck on your run as well! ヾ(≧∇≦*)ヾ
This is makin' me wanna post my own future Pokemon runs and shiny hunts on here as well (especially shiny hunts !)

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Never shiny hunted before, but if you do that I wish you luck!

by Morning Star; ; Report

I do yeah !!!! Doin a Shiny Pachirisu hunt in PKMN Diamond atm!

by pachi♪; ; Report

Good luck! I haven't truly played Gen 4 before, but I plan on it

by Morning Star; ; Report