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The PS5 and the return of the early PS3 era (rant)

ya'll remember when the PS3 was so expensive and hard to develop games at launch that Sony got completely ridiculed? ya know, when people shat they decks when the PS3 was 499 and 599 dollas? well the PS5 essentially repeated the mistakes that the PS3 did. okay i might be hypocritical cause i did own a PS3 slim once.

dunno about yall but i feel like the PS5 essentially returned to the esrly PS3 era especially when the price was revealed to be 300-500$ more expensive than a PS4 + the return of the "PSx has no games" joke cause of the lack of exclusives. it's been about 3 years and nobody could get their hands on a PS5, some factors played in like the chip factory fire, scalpers and the pandemic.

but seriously tho, 3 years after launch and the price is still out of reach for many, where i live, i could buy two refurbished PS4 Pros. the only PS5 thing I have is a controller to play SF and other stuff lol. the PS5 is kinda enticing but holy hell the lack of exclusives and the insane price hike just brings back those early PS3 days lmao, ya know what i'm still happy to have my old PS4 slim. :)

anyways, thanks for hearing my rant.

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since xbox isnt absolutely killing sony this gen i would also not expect an affordable slim version to come out any time soon

according to the government inflation calculator $599 in today's dollars is equivalent to ~$399 in november 2006 money so maybe the ps5 is priced very fairly

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Sorry for the late reply.

I see then, welp I guess my ramblin's kindoff outta hand a month ago lol i shoulda inflations back then, i'll probably save up since they seem to be in a decent deal nowadays.

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