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school update : a week into school

okay hi its been a whilee school is actually not that bad tbh math and spanish is REALLLY pissing me off with the hw tho. i have a good schedule with lunch at sixth period and i get out of school after 9th period while all my friends get out after10th period so i gwt to flex a bit

like all my teachers are veery nice EXECPT my global teacher shes one of those teachers who are sarcastic in a asshole kind of way but like she wasn't mean to me yet. i actually think she took a liking to me. but like theres this kid and he likes to be called a nickname and she literally said "uh no aha" when she literally told the class if u have a nickname u'll like to be called, tell me but then she said to him "fine, i'll call you [his nickname] WHEN YOU ARE GOOD, if ur bad i'll call u ur real name" ma'am thats a 14 yr old boy not a five year old stop being weird and call the poor boy by his nickname

uhhh uhhhhhmmm idk wat else to put ttyygl

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