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Rant about people who fake mental illness

Call me a dick if you want but unless you are medically diagnosed I am not believing anyone who claims to be schizophrenic or a system or to have bpd. I do have a few exceptions though. If they are (or are in the process of becoming) a mental health professional themselves, if they have spoken to a close person who is in the medical field (and even then, the most they can say is that "it's highly possible" due to liability reasons).

 I see so many god damn accounts like "500 alters uwu! This one is Hannibal Lecter from hannibal and this one is Walter White and this one is Wilbur Soot-". 

Shut. The. Fuck. Up. 

The average amount of alters that a DID system has is 10, having over 100 would require trauma akin to actual torture. Reality checking is not ableist, it's actually incredibly important to try and ground a person in order to reduce the possibility of them causing harm to themselves or to others. However, it could be harmful to try and ground someone you do not know personally. If you do not know their triggers or what sort of grounding techniques work for them, then you can end up causing more harm then good. You could accidentally trigger a further break from reality.

Schizophrenia typically onsets in the late 20s. It is VERY VERY RARE for someone to have their schizophrenia triggered before 20 years old.

Now I do not have DID, or Schizophrenia, or BPD. But I have been studying for a long time on all of these subjects, and spoken to people with actual DID and Schizophrenia. I am not a professional, but I still know bullshit when I see it.

 Touch some grass and get off discord and twitter. It is perfectly alright for you to be "normal". You do not need to have (forgive my language please) one of the "crazy person" disorders in order to be valid in whatever illness you do have.However, if you do suspect you may have a disorder like the ones I have mentioned, I encourage seeing a mental health professional. You're valid in your struggles if you have "just depression and anxiety". You're valid in your struggles if you have "just ADHD". Mental illness (and often neurodivergency) can absolutely fucking suck, you don't need to be "sicker" than everyone in order to be worthy of getting better.

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based as fuck. 7000 languages and you chose to speak truth

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I agree. I really hate those idiots.

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