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I don't normally talk to others through IMs other than Teacup (my s/o). But if I do end up having a conversation with someone new through IMs, I'm open to it, as long as the following are engaged:

1.) I am 15yrs old; I don't mind talking with 13-17yo. In other words: if you are 12 and under, DNI, if you are 18+ DNI; I friend a lot of people, regardless of age because I dni with anyone.

2.) Homophobia, racism, sexting, degrading, ect will not be tolerated by me. Especially homophobia and sexting. I am part of the LGBTQ+, but I won't talk/brag about it, nor put myself in the closet. I'm open to talk about it, but I will not shove it down your throat. Furthermore, I am very sensitive to sexting. Flirting and sexting is a huge degradation towards me and I will IMMEDIATELY send a report about your profile and BLOCK you.

3.) Cyber bullying will not be accepted in my IMs or profile. Even as a joke, I will not tolerate cyber bullying towards me and/or others.

4.) No spamming allowed. SpaceHey has that 10 second rule while in IMs, but some of you still manage to spam (not speaking from experience). If I end up being spammed in IMs, you will be blocked. If you have time to spam people, you need to find a life. I have my own life and I don't have time for spammers.

Other than that, I am a nice person and I am willing to listen to any vents/rambles. I love talking to new people online, but I've come across a few "interesting" people that I've had to report and block. It's honestly sickening to see people that way towards others. 

Anyways, pookies, have a great day/night! I love you all, and please just be kind to one another!! The world needs it<33

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