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poetry #2

{this one’s old as HELL, like from 2021. still one of my favorites i’ve written however.}

You’re in My nooks and crannies 

My walls

The sky

The wood the floors

You found your way into the lights 

My books

My veins 

My heart

No matter where I look I find you

I wonder if you’re haunting me

Or that maybe you never left 

You’re in my head

Your in the day and night 

You taunt me

Is this what you wanted?

All I wanted was you, how could you not see that 

And now I feel that you have stolen me 

Stolen my peace

I see you everywhere 

I look in the mirrior and I see you behind my eyes

And yet

This is all I ever wanted

So where are you

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You remind me of myself. I like it.

Nice poems!

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thank you very much :)

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